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Show scale in miles/kilometers

16 Jul 2015
by Winfried
in forum
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In the Map section, the scale in the upper right-hand corner is in miles.

I suggest displaying it in miles and kilometers.


Thu 16 Jul 2015, 21:31

You can switch between miles and kilometres in your user settings – click ‘My bike’ at the top, then ‘Profile’, and there’s a little toggle there.

Fri 27 May, 09:23

Where is the Profile section?  I don't see it after I click the MY (bicycle graphic).  Really lost re: getting to Kilometers

Fri 27 May, 14:28

Click ‘My bike’ and then you should see, beneath the green-backed menu, a grey-backed menu with ‘Travelogue’, ‘Journeys’, ‘Shortlist’, and ‘Profile’.