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OSM correction / C.T refresh

4 Jun 2015
by SoreTween
in forum
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How often does the C.T site refresh it's data from OSM? 

I found a bridleway that C.T would not use due to an error on OSM, the bridleway didn't reach the road at one end.  I've corrected OSM and the correction has come through to the standard layer, when roughly should I expect C.T to pick it up?


Thu 4 Jun 2015, 13:17

I'm planning on running the next update w/c 15th June. A bit delayed because I've been working on a related part of the site... more of which anon!

Wed 1 Jul 2015, 21:17

The UK data is now (belatedly) up-to-date. Would have been a little earlier but I had to rerun the process to get a couple of routing tweaks in! Europe data churning away on the server now.

Tue 7 Jul 2015, 08:22

Thanks Richard. 

The bridleway causing the problem now routes but the next segment that did route now doesn't!  I can't see anything wrong in OSM, there's part of the bridleway that is simply marked as 'Track' rather than 'bridleway' but it's been that way for 5 years.

This bridge and the rest of the track to the West will not route, the bridleway East of the bridge is fine.

Here's my saved route that still goes through there:

Any new route or change to the above route takes that bridleway out.

I point out this small problem on the assumption that it won't be the only example.

Tue 7 Jul 2015, 19:45

Assumption confirmed - C.T has developed an allergy to tracks.  Here's another that is in OSM as part of the Pennine Bridleway 'relation' but C.T won't use:

Thu 9 Jul 2015, 18:15

In theory it won’t route over tracks in the UK unless there’s something confirming that they’re open to the public – a lot of private forest tracks etc. are tagged as highway=track and I wouldn’t want to send people down there.

In the Austwick example, both the designation=public_bridleway tag and the Pennine Bridleway relation should be clues that it is cyclable, so it should be picking that up. But I might have mistakenly missed that when I moved the UK, EU and US routing to all use the same common code (with regional variations). I’ll take a look – thanks for spotting!