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Initial map view for saved journeys when logged in

21 Apr 2015
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Can I ask how the initial map display (zoom and location) is set for saved journeys? Mostly, it seems to work nicely, in that the saved route is nicely aligned in the middle of the window with a suitable zoom set so the whole route can be seen.

However, for various routes that start near my home postcode, the map don't seem to locate and zoom properly when I'm logged in. They work fine when I'm not though. e.g. and . Both seem to leave the map set on a default zoom centred on my postcode.

This seems to only affect routes where the start/finish are visible on the initial default view, and zooming out is required. For instance, (where the route is short and the map zooms in) works fine, even if I'm logged in.


Thu 23 Apr 2015, 10:17

Spot-on diagnosis. I've tweaked it a little now so that it'll always zoom out to the extent of the route, even if you're logged in. Is that better?