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getting routes from PC to app on phone

1 Oct 2023
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I have several routes on the website on my PC  but can find no way of getting them onto the App. on my phone. Help please.


Sun 1 Oct 2023, 16:57

On the android app (it would be helpful to specify if you're using Android or ios) check that your routes are not marked as private.

Go to the "my" tab, click on "journeys" and check the glasses symbol for the routes you want to access. Sunglasses are private, clear glasses are not. 

If not private, you should be able to access them from the Android app by tapping on the "Routes" icon at the bottom of the screen. 

In future, when saving a route you can specify if it is saved as private or not.

Mon 2 Oct 2023, 18:09

Thanks. I'm getting a blank screen for both Routes and Journeys. On my Android phone.

I have a horrible feeling that I registered the whole (through Google) differently to how I registered the PC ( using my own ID). How do I get round this?

Can I change my registration on the phone to match the PC? If I remember correctly the phone didn't allow me to use my own details (eg email address) but insisted I go through my Google account. Help?

Mon 2 Oct 2023, 19:10

If you let me know by email ([email protected]) the email address you’ve used for each then I can match them up.

Tue 3 Oct 2023, 11:46

Many thanks. I have sent you the two email addresses, by email. 

Grahame Cooper

Mon 16 Oct 2023, 21:13

I sent the requested details.But nothing happened Richard.

Do I need to close my phone account? So that I can set it up afresh with the same details as my PC account. But how do I close it?

I really do like Cycle travel so would really like to sort these problems.