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Feature request: uploading gpx files

30 Sep 2023
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From time to time I use routes from books as a starting point for planning. gives this advice, 'The GPX file must contain trackpoints (not routepoints or waypoints)'. When will not upload a route I use a second app to upload the gpx file, export the route and then upload it to Is it possible for imitate these other apps and accept the gpx file without trackpoints? is now my main cycle route planning app and this would be a time saving feature to have. Thanks for your help.


Sun 1 Oct 2023, 09:49

Derek, I'm wary of importing gpx files from another source. There is no guarantee that the imported route will be an exact copy of the original. Certainly, CT "adjusts" any route that I import. That's probably because I tend to take "interesting" diversions that CT doesn't always recommend :-)

However, CT has the very useful "Trace" feature that will display a gpx route as an overlay on the CT map. Unless an epic, zig-zagging route it's reasonably straightforward to plot a route along the trace. If all you're really interested in is the start point then it's a quick and easy solution. 

A bit more explanation here:

Sun 1 Oct 2023, 12:05

Thank you, that is very helpful! Happy trails!

Mon 2 Oct 2023, 16:42

If you have a particular source of GPX files that would be useful for c.t to understand, let me know – there are so many variants I don’t really want to promise to support them all, but if there’s one common one that c.t doesn’t understand, I could look at that.