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App users!! Phone holder recommendation please

22 Sep 2023
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I've been unable to properly dig into the app. First of all it was too hot :-) and my phone overheated. I picked up a cheap holder on the road but it's rubbish. I'm not going to use a phone on the handlebars regularly but would like to give the app a good run out so can anyone recommend a decent, secure holder for an android phone, preferably one that is adjustable for different phones. Security of the phone on the bike (I like the rougher stuff) is more important than being able to easily remove the holder. I don't want to spend a fortune - money is tight and I much prefer my gps unit - but I do want to play with the app.

Many thanks in advance. 


Fri 22 Sep 2023, 12:16

This mobile phone holder is small and unobtrusive. Currently £11.89 (normally £14.99).

Although it doesn't look it, it holds the phone tight. If anything, it's a bit of a pain to get the phone in and out as the spring pressure is pretty strong. Maximum phone width appears to be 9cm (50-90mm) looking at the dimensions image further down the page.

For waterproofing, a clear 18×26cm 3Mil resealable bag used sideways (assuming your phone is less than 18cm tall) and use it like a roll-top dry bag.

Fri 22 Sep 2023, 23:42

I like Quad Lock mounts and cases very much. They're not cheap, but they are tough, secure and easy to use. Quad Lock sells cases for some Samsung, Google and Huawei models (plus iPhone), as well as a stick-on version. Probably overkill for your needs, but I'm not sure I would trust a cradle-type holder on a rough track.

Sun 24 Sep 2023, 12:34

Thanks, Arden. I'll check that out. The bags are a good idea, unfortunately can't track them down here. 

Charles, I know of Quadlocks but I'm not spending that kind of money. I need something that will accommodate whatever phone I happen to be using. My last little adventure involved three different phones :-) I use a gps device for navigation, and more importantly, recording. Thanks anyway. 

Wed 27 Sep 2023, 19:58

This is not a useful answer to HobbesOnTour … but may be useful for others who find this thread. I have been very happy with the Peak Design iPhone case and handlebar mount. Very robust and intuitive latching and unlatching. 

They’re not cheap but I think the quality is good.