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Eurostar (Paris to London)

Thursday 31 August
by Dream_MC
in forum
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Hello all, 

Is anyone aware if Eurostar still provide a bike box when using their Travel Services for non-foldable bikes. I'm under the impression that this may no longer be the case and instead a box will need to be provided independently from Eurostar. If so... would anyone know where one could be purchase near Gare du Nord?

Many thanks



Thu 31 Aug, 10:45

Hi Dominic, I googled your question

Eurostar in the past provided boxes and the tools to break down your bike at its stations in London, Paris and Brussels. The boxes are no longer provided, however you can still use the tools provided at the stations. It's still not cheap to take a non-folding bike with you on Eurostar.Jun 1, 2023 › article

Eurostar re-opens cycle carriage to Brussels - Cycling UK

The usual option is to ask in Bike Shops. Google Maps is your friend for that.

You may get a bigger audience and more recent experience on one of the main UK fora - CycleChat or Cycling UK

Sat 2 Sep, 08:18

I read online that from Brussels the bikes don’t need disassembled? Has anyone tried that route yet? Thank you.