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Garmin Connect problems, 'couldn't log you in'

23 Aug 2023
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I'm trying to work out how best to use my newish Edge 2 Explorer for imminent 3 weeks in Brittany. I've tried Cycletravel on Android but when I try to send the route to Connect, I get 'We couldn't log you in, Garmin said session expired'. This has happened several times - I've not been able to transfer the route. Any suggestions?



Wed 23 Aug 2023, 22:27

I am not a Garmin user but I understand that at some stage you linked your CT account with your Garmin account? 

As a first step I'd suggest revisiting that to break the connection. 

Then remake the connection. 

It should also be possible to connect your Garmin unit directly to your computer so that it is seen as an external storage device. Simply copy the gpx/tcx file onto the unit from the PC 

Alternatively, if your Garmin has Bluetooth you may be able to transfer it directly from your phone. (Transferring from phone via cable is possible too). 

Wed 23 Aug 2023, 23:05

Garmin Connect seems to have had a few issues over recent months – nothing has changed on the c.t side so I can only guess it’s something on the Garmin side.

As Hobbes alludes, if you do the equivalent of “turning it off and on again”, that usually seems to fix it. Go to “My bike” and “Profile” on c.t, click “Remove Garmin Connect link”, and then try sending it again. You’ll be prompted to login to Garmin Connect again. See if that works.

Fri 25 Aug 2023, 17:30

Thanks both. Richard, I don't seem to have the option of 'Remove Garmin Connect link'.

All I have is the option to link to Garmin Connect, which I try, to get the same message. 

So I'm no further, sadly. How long til the app is available on Android? Maybe that will sort it?

Thanks, Rob 

Fri 25 Aug 2023, 17:40

That’s strange - you have a Garmin ID set on your account so it should give you that option.

If you go to do you not see something like this in the ‘Login details’ section?

Fri 25 Aug 2023, 18:05

Thanks. I didn't, but now I do! Since posting my last message, I suddenly got a request to log into Garmin. I'd been doing so through my Google account, never a problem. So I logged directly into Garmin and now things work. 

Thanks for your help, much appreciated. 


Fri 25 Aug 2023, 18:36

No problem! :)