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Wednesday 23 August
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Are there any plans to add any more countries to the mapping data set? I know that must be a huge undertaking, but I am just curious if there is a "maybe this will be next" country.


Wed 23 Aug, 07:55

From below:

I think it would be helpful to specify a country? 

Thu 24 Aug, 21:51

I was hoping Japan, but am more just curious what the next one MIGHT be

Fri 25 Aug, 19:07

The next bit of “expanded coverage” I’d like to add (though not a new country as such) is gravel routing in North America. There are significant challenges with the OSM source data however…

For countries, I’m always interested in hearing suggestions, but there’s been quite a lot of interest in Turkey, Armenia, Georgia etc. I wouldn’t want to promise anything soon though.

Expanding into Asia would be fascinating but a massive undertaking to do properly – I suspect quite a lot of the routing weightings would need to be done from scratch!