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Usless to find addesses in Zagreb

Monday 14 November
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If I cannot find addresses in Zagreb, I do not know what to do with these maps, sorry. This is such a helpless situation, there are barely any resources to find your way around this city with any trustworthy bike maps.


Mon 14 Nov, 17:40

Hi Ritika, addresses can be confusing in a lot of planning apps, partly, I think because different countries use different methods of numbering (first or last) or different abbreviations. 

Cycle.Travel has improved significantly over the years in this area. 

Perhaps you could give us an example of an address that it can't find? Sometimes the business name can be enough to generate a list and then it's easy to choose the right one. (For example, Decathlon Zagreb gives two options). Sometimes an abbreviation can be tricky and it's worth trying a few different formats. Come to Spain for abbreviation hell! :-)

Sometimes I'll look on Google or Osmand to find a large business close to the address I want and then look for that on CT. In the worst case scenario I might need to locate the address manually on CT. In my experience (not in Croatia) the route created by CT is far superior to other planners, especially in cities and is worth the small bit of extra effort.