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perhaps a stretch... but Warm showers integration?

Wednesday 9 November
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I saw your post on reddit and am pretty excited to test our your app. so far I really love what I'm seeing ( and I think the suggested rest stops is awesome). I'm curious if you think there's anyway Warm showers hosts could be integrated into something like this. maybe a way for members to be able to sign in somehow? 


Thu 10 Nov, 12:24

Really interesting idea! Unfortunately Warmshowers don’t give wider access to their data any more – they used to a long time ago, but they’ve been locking things down in recent years (to some controversy particularly where apps are concerned). There are a few alternatives starting to gain ground and it might be interesting to see if any of these could be integrated one day.

Thu 10 Nov, 15:17

WS had a survey for members a year or two ago and what I took from it is that they were planning to be a one-stop-shop for all cycle touring needs - including route planning. 

Personally, I've had problems with the new management and vehemently dislike how a volunteer operation has become so commercial and opaque. 

There's also the issue of data privacy. When I was a host my address (and map location) was only available accurately after contact had been made. Personally, I'd be uneasy with my address (and location) being "out there" for all and sundry to see.