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transferring route to Maps me

9 Oct 2022
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Hi; Cycle travel is wonderful. A question: how do I transfer my route onto Maps Me on my phone which I can then place on my cycle & get directions & see map as I cycle? Any suggestions? Annie


Mon 10 Oct 2022, 16:26

Since no-one has answered I'll make a stab at it.

The first step is to download it from CT. 

You can do this by selecting download, then choosing other options. You need to download the KML version as labeled. 

Then, depending on your phone system it may be as simple as clicking on the file you have downloaded and waiting to be prompted for what app to open it with. Select Maps.Me and away you go.

Downloading from CT is the easy part. For the Maps.Me side you can try Google or YouTube to flesh out the above. 

Good luck