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Faulty elevation

3 Oct 2022
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Hi again, Richard.

On this route (and a couple of others the past few days) I am getting crazy elevation numbers on my Wahoo Roam after importing the route as a tcx file.

The actual elevation is about +3600m but when I import the TCX file into the Elemnt App it shows almost +13,000 meters! (That transfers to the unit).

If I use Komoot to plot the route the elevation is normal, if I import the TCX file into Komoot the elevation is normal. If I import the GPX file into the Elemnt App the elevation is normal. 

I don't know if this is a CT thing (up to now all TCX files have been bang on for elevation) or if I have finally driven by poor GPS unit around the bend :-)

Anyways, I thought I should bring it up


Mon 3 Oct 2022, 17:48

Weird! That looks like a Wahoo issue to me – I can’t see anything in the TCX file where the elevation is off kilter…

Tue 4 Oct 2022, 09:34

Thanks, Richard. I'll explore that avenue. I have a feeling it may have to do do with the distance. If I cut a section out of the route the shorter section displays the correct elevation.