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Elevation Data & Display

Monday 19 September
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Hi Richard,

I've noticed that when planning a route and using the display elevation tab the colours (indicating gradient) only change when I go to download the route. It can lead to a few shocks! :-) I'm not a fan of the red! 

Even if I close the route and reopen it, it does not show the colours. It's not a biggy.

On the same subject, is it possible to have an option to "always display elevation"? in "my settings" as an example. Sometimes I open a premade route and download it forgetting to show the elevation profile with the result that my gpx/tcx doesn't have the data. (Using an android phone, by the way). Again, not a Biggie.

Finally, the Biggie! Is it possible to use a breakdown like Osmand and display the distance at say at 0-4%, 4-8% etc. Currently, I just see the maximum gradient which doesn't really give an indication of the whole route. 

Many, many thanks.