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GPX to Bosch Nyon

Saturday 17 September
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Hello All

Ive just started using, the only problem I have is sending the GPX to my new Bosch Nyon sat nav. 

Any help would be gratefully received.

Thank you.  


Sat 17 Sep, 22:27

Perhaps you could be a bit more specific about the problem?

It seems to use an app to control the unit so I'd imagine the first step is to transfer the route into the app.

Can you do that? 

If so, it may be a matter of trying which format is better for the app/unit. As well as gpx formats there are different types of tcx as well. 

I'd imagine your best course of action is to search for Nyon support or groups on Google groups. Now that I think of it I found

Good luck! 

Sun 25 Sep, 12:17


I have created routes using and imported them onto the Nyon via Bosch eBike Connect on a laptop. Works fine however it is specific about using gpx track. You normally get a warning on the Bosch website about the route matching known roads on the Bosch map. I have ridden routes using the Nyon and my normal GPS unit to compare the two. I have now abandoned the Nyon for navigation purposes. The interface is poor and it missed a couple of turns compared to my GPS unit. Might be something to do with the Bosch using gpx and the GPS using tcx. It means mounting an extra unit on the bars but it is well worth it! Hope this helps. Ray.