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Importing large gpx file

1 Sep 2022
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While trying to import a Eurovelo file, says it is too big (680 KB). The file is made up of the different sections of Eurovelo 12. I would prefer to use directly as I trust the route planning. Other route planners ask which sections I want to import but there does not seem to be this facility in Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


Fri 2 Sep 2022, 16:44

EV 12 is the North Sea route?

Off the top of my head I can't think of a solution other than to sit down and map it on CT itself. It shouldn't take too long as the route seems to be shown on CT itself (at a suitable zoom level)

However, be careful on EV routes since it's not always obvious and clear as to the different levels of development of them. Some sections are little more than a nice idea. 

For myself, looking at the EV sections for places that I know (NL & Belgium) I personally would avoid some of the coastal sections. Based on my personal experience with long distance routes I'd pay attention when CT directs me off a signposted route - there's normally a good reason! :-) 

But everyone is different. :-)

Sat 3 Sep 2022, 13:16

Thank you! I appreciate your comments. EV12 is the North Sea route, you are quite correct. The EV website now allows the download of just the developed sections (this is a new addition).

Sat 3 Sep 2022, 20:44

If you do import it section by section (and are a supporter of CT) put all the EV 12 files in the one folder. Then under "My Journeys" you can select "Map" and see the different sections (in different colours) on the one map. It can look very impressive! :-)