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round trip?

28 Aug 2022
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Hi, I can't seem to get the site to give me a round trip. I assumed putting in two locations and clicking the 'round trip' button would give me a round trip taking in the second point, but nothing.... am I missing something? Thanks


Mon 29 Aug 2022, 09:30

So far as I understand it, the round trip option is from one point.

I imagine you could ask CT to plot a round trip from your start point and manually add a via point which then gets dragged to the second place you want to visit. 

If it's acting up in terms of distance then maybe try saving the first suggestion, reopening that route and then add the extra via point? 

Mon 29 Aug 2022, 13:20

Thanks for the quick reply 'Hobbesy' (if I may...) - I'll give that a whirl

Mon 29 Aug 2022, 15:55

Beware! Hobbes is a tiger with big teeth and currently on the loose in locations unknown! :-)

Mon 29 Aug 2022, 17:13

PS. Weirdly it's just done what I expected it to do in the first place... came up with a round trip after I entered 2 points. Must have been having an off day.

Tue 30 Aug 2022, 12:14

It depends on the location! Generally it can find a round-trip for longer routes, but will sometimes struggle on shorter routes. Essentially if there’s more than one decent A-B route without too big a mileage discrepancy, it’ll find something.

It does also occasionally struggle in areas with comparatively few roads – e.g. long-distance rides across Scotland. (That’s why it’ll find a round-trip from Land’s End to Edinburgh, for example, but not all the way to John O’Groats.)

Wed 31 Aug 2022, 22:22

Thanks Richard – the round-trip it found (Between Criccieth and Aberderon) looked good on the computer, but didn’t work on the Garmin which seemed to think its work was done at the halfway point. 
Thankfully I have the app which was happy to give me the whole route. Great riding!