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Push route directly to Wahoo devices

Thursday 2 June
by Teun
in forum
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Hi Richard, 

Fantastic app! Keep going!

I was wondering if a direct integration with Wahoo would be possible, exporting a route to my device is instantaneous? I see there is a Garmin Connect integration, and I was wondering if similar feature would be an option. 

Cheers! Teun (Netherlands)


Thu 2 Jun, 13:38

It would be great – but unfortunately Wahoo haven't opened up the API to do this. When I’ve asked them they’ve said “Yes, it is on the roadmap, but we don’t have a release date yet.”

Please do ask Wahoo to do it :)

Sat 4 Jun, 20:40

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your reaction. I will ask Wahoo!

Keep up the good work!

Mon 6 Jun, 18:05

It's not ideal, but once I'm happy with a route on, I download the .gpx to my pc and then upload it to ridewithgps. My Wahoo will then be automatically pulled to my Wahoo the next time it has a WIFI connection. 

Thu 9 Jun, 21:53

Yes, i'll do the same with Komoot. Works great, but I very much like it when direct connections and minimal effort is possible. 

Sun 12 Jun, 11:13

I do everything on my phone and after downloading the gpx or tcx from Cycle Travel my (Android) phone gives me the choice of what app I want to open it with. I choose Wahoo Elmnt App and it's ready to go.

If I'm not ready I simply locate the downloaded file when I am ready and click on it with the same options given.

I prefer this method simply because it's easier to delete old routes directly from the Element App. Anything in RWGPS or Komoot needs to be deleted there first.

Personally, I'm always wary that creating a route in one app (Cycle Travel) then transferring to another Komoot/RWGPS could lead to a distortion in the route. I have noticed this especially with Komoot.