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How do I reset Geolocation settings please?

Tuesday 31 May
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Hi Everyone,

When I initially started using this brilliant site, I declined to let the site know my location. 

However, now it would be really useful if I could use the mapping tool feature: 'use current location', but as I initially declined to let the site know my location, I can't currently use this when route planning. 

How do I reset my geolocation settings and say 'Yes' to the site having access to my current location?

With thanks to the community for any help offered, Georgia 


Wed 1 Jun, 08:39

Hi Georgia,

If you go to MY/profile you can set your home location. Hope this helps.


Wed 1 Jun, 13:52

I think it depends on your phone. On an iPhone you need to open in your browser, then click on the menu in the address bar (probably bottom left, marked with an ‘aA’) and choose ‘Website Settings’. This will have a section on what is allowed to access:

Change ‘Location’ from ‘Deny’ to ‘Allow’ and it should work.

On Android it looks similar but you tap the ‘Lock’ icon, by the look of it: