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Start and finish pf a day's route

Sunday 29 May
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Is there any way to plan a day's route from the actual address (a hotel for instance) that one is using and finish the day at the hotel for that night? I have been thinking that I could put the hotels in my Garmin and then at the end of the gay simply ask the Garmin to sort a route to that hotel. Equally, I know that the Garmin will ask if I want to be directed to the start of a route.

But in a large city, that could add many miles to the day's ride and on a wet and windy day, it would be ideal to route from and to the appropriate hotels. RideWithGPS does do this, but I am in the processing of planning my first tour using C.T as I think it is a very much better tool for me - but I do wish C.T could provide this.



Mon 30 May, 13:03

You can type an address into (such as the address of your hotel) and route there.

I think the difference you're seeing might be that RideWithGPS uses Google for address search, and uses OpenStreetMap. Because OSM is volunteer-made, it doesn't yet have complete address coverage, so it doesn't always know about hotels or other locations.

It does have pretty much every street name, so if it can’t find the hotel, you could just try typing the name of the street it’s on and the town/city name.

I’ll give it some further thought as there might be other things I can do here!

Mon 30 May, 16:16

Thanks Richard,

I am grateful for the information and equally grateful for the promptness of the reply, I am planning this summer's tour and using your Norfolk Coast and Rivers route as a starting point,'