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UK to Istanbul

Saturday 16 April
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Planning a trip from UK to Istanbul as a retirement present to myself, within the next couple of years. Two questions please:

a) I don't think the app includes Turkey, so it seems to take me to the closest spot in Bulgaria. 

b)  the app can't plan for ferry crossings

In both cases, a fix would be great - however I imagine there is a balance between cost of fixing v demand for fixing.

More importantly, keep up the good work, which adds to my enjoyment of cycling every week!



Sat 16 Apr, 23:34

That sounds like an amazing project!

I’ll take a look at Turkey – I’ve recently moved the routing onto a bigger server so there might be a bit more headroom to add it.

For ferries, it’s only the UK–France/Spain/Belgium ones that it won’t plan: any ferries within mainland Europe (e.g. from Brindisi) should be ok. Basically the UK routing has a few key differences to the European routing (not least riding on the left!) so they’re handled separately. But once you’re across the channel it should be ok.

Sun 17 Apr, 14:39

Lovely, thanks Richard