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Something odd on NCN 256 routing

Friday 15 April
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For some reason I am unable to plan a route along NCN 256: it seems to think a small section in impassable so suggests a huge detour. 

Here's an example:

I've not ridden down there yet but I think a bridge or something might be causing the problem.



Sat 16 Apr, 09:25

I'm guessing it's an error in OpenStreetMap, that C.T uses as it's map source. The bridge and a short section of the track don't seem to be designated for bicycles on the OSM. A workaround is to place a viapoint either side of the apparently impassable section, then click the first viapoint and in the popup menu, select "direct to". A proper fix is to correct the OSM. As I don't know the area I'm reluctant to dabble with the OSM.

Sat 16 Apr, 12:12

Yes, someone broke the raw data in OpenStreetMap. I’ve fixed it in OSM and will reflect that next time it takes an update – thanks for spotting!

Sat 16 Apr, 23:10

Thank you!