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Dividing up a long route

Monday 11 April
by tandemtim
in forum
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I want to break up NCN 2 into daily chunks starting from Portsmouth ferry terminal. Please can you tell me if I can do this?

I could do it in Garmin Basecamp by importing the cycle travel download but then I can't put the results back into Cycle Travel.

Thanks for your help, Tim Hoyle.


Tue 12 Apr, 12:55

Yes, you can! You can mark a via point as an overnight stop by clicking it and choosing “Overnight stop”.

Then when you save the route, tick “Split into multiple days”. It’ll save the route in individual chunks.

If you’d like to use’s pre-made NCN 2 route, you can open it at To trim it to your start point in Portsmouth, find/add a via point there, then click the ‘…’ in the bottom right and choose ‘Delete before’ or ‘Delete after’.

Tue 12 Apr, 21:06

Thanks for your reply Richard. Just tried it and it seems just what I wanted. I do find CycleTravel excellent for planning our tours. Thanks very much. Tim.