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OSM outdoor

Friday 1 April
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Hi Richard,

I've been using RideWithGPS for years but quite recently I'm thinking of using as my main routing tool instead. In RideWithGPS I regularly use the map 'OSM outdoor' (hiking network). I miss this in I realise the website is for cyclists, but the gravelbikers and bikepackers among us are very much interested in the hiking routes.

Would it be possible to add the OSM outdoor map style? 

Kind regards,

Johan Blom 


Fri 1 Apr, 23:23

Look to the top right of the map screen. Clicking the symbol that looks like a stack of sandwiches reveals the available mapping layers.

Sat 2 Apr, 13:44

Good idea – I’ve just added Thunderforest’s Outdoors and OpenCycleMap styles to the maps available for supporters.

Mon 4 Apr, 14:02

Wow, that's really quick! And more than I asked for. I prefer (am used to) the OpenCycleMap over the CyclOSM style, so thanks a lot!