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Small QoL ideas after a summer of touring

27 Sep 2021
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Hello, after intensively using this summer I've gathered a small list of quality of life features I think would help my workflow and maybe other's as well!

1. share without saving. I often find myself brainstorming a route  ideas with friends or recommending a route to someone. It would be nice if I could just plot the route then click "share" to get a (semi)perma-link to it without having to save it to my already large and disorganized list of routes.

2. Search Location without modifying the current route.
I often found myself looking for a small village or sight mid route and wishing I could just search for it and have a marker added to the map without breaking the route. For instance when some random person on the road tells you "you should take the route through X it's really lovely!". Maybe I just haven't found that feature yet but currently the only way I found was to add a via point or change the from/destination. which effectively breaks everything (especially if you don't know already know where that place is. I think in general it would be great to have the option to flag spots around a route for further reference, maybe even with a label.

3. Show elevation on the route as a color gradient. Especially on mobile, I think an option to display the elevation on the route (as shown on the linked would be great as the 3D view is but really cumbersome on a small phone.

Once again thanks for weeks of stressless cycling along gorgeous roads this summer!