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Small QoL ideas after a summer of touring

Hello, after intensively using this summer I've gathered a small list of quality of life features I think would help my workflow and maybe other's as well!

1. share without saving. I often find myself brainstorming a route  ideas with friends or recommending a route to someone. It would be nice if I could just plot the route then click "share" to get a (semi)perma-link to it without having to save it to my already large and disorganized list of routes.

2. Search Location without modifying the current route.
I often found myself looking for a small village or sight mid route and wishing I could just search for it and have a marker added to the map without breaking the route. For instance when some random person on the road tells you "you should take the route through X it's really lovely!". Maybe I just haven't found that feature yet but currently the only way I found was to add a via point or change the from/destination. which effectively breaks everything (especially if you don't know already know where that place is. I think in general it would be great to have the option to flag spots around a route for further reference, maybe even with a label.

3. Show elevation on the route as a color gradient. Especially on mobile, I think an option to display the elevation on the route (as shown on the linked would be great as the 3D view is but really cumbersome on a small phone.

Once again thanks for weeks of stressless cycling along gorgeous roads this summer!

View daily elevation when planing multi-day trip


I really love the new multi-day planing with overnight stops. Having the distance counter reset every day is very practical to pace the trip. However I can't find a way to view daily elevation. Am I missing something in the UI? Or would it be possible to add that info somewhere ? maybe in the elevation panel. or more broadly allow selecting slices of the elevation pannel to view local elevation.

Right now as a work around I'm spliting the trip day by day to view the daily elevation but that's not very practical

love your work


High elevation discrepencies between C.T and actual GPS recordings


I've noticed high discepencies between the elevation gain shown on and the one recorded by my wahoo roam. for example in this trip CT gives me 410m gain. while my wahoo gave me 699m gain. and I'm inclined to believe to later judging by the states of my legs :)

I've been traveling a lot around Belgium using but have only noticed this issue recently. the difference is sometimes up to a factor of 2.

I understand this might be due to the resolution of the elevation data but it makes planing a bit more hazardous. Has anyone else noticed this ? Or could there be an issue with the belgian elevation data specifically?

anyway thanks for the amazing website.

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