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Feedback please - new cycling website - cycling routes in Portugal

Sunday 24 January
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Hi everyone!

I am creating a new website focused on self guided cycling routes in a central, moutainous, region of Portugal (
Hopefully someone will be interested to visit this cycling destination, in the pos-Covid era...?

I would greatly appreciate some feedback about it: what's nice, what can be improved, what do you think is missing..?Let me know your thoughts. For the moment it is quite simple, but is a work in progress.
A big thank you in advance!


Tue 26 Jan, 06:52

Ok, I'll bite!

It's a nice little site, easy to get around. I looked at one route and appreciated the extra information about gradient and surfaces.

On the How to get there section, the weather map and basic info was good. However, there is no info about taking a bike on public transport. I'd think that would be kind of important! Is there info about bike rental? I can't recall.

On accommodation, there is no info for camping. 

Of you're looking for specifically British feedback you could try introducing yourself on some other British fora. Cyclechat is good and friendly, CyclingUK will probably be more critical :-) I'd suggest introducing yourself first though. Internationally, there's CrazyGuyOnABike, the Adventure Cycling Association and Bike Forums.

Good luck!