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OSM mapping: sett or cobbleston

28 Aug 2020
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Dear all, I use to change OSM data, because I found some roads are not mapped correctly in my area. I found here ( that the surfacetag "cobblestone" is used to qualify a road. OSM recommends to use a more precise value such as "sett" or "unhewn_cobblestone". So, because it is recommended by OSM I used "sett" and added the smothness tag.

Is it possible to add "sett" to the used values to determine the surface, should I add cobblestone also to the tags in OSM, or is there an other way to satisfy both, OSM and

Tanks in advance!


Tue 1 Sep 2020, 19:52

Good spot – I’ll add surface=sett to the recognised values for the next update!

Tue 1 Sep 2020, 20:06

Great! Thank you very much!

Thu 4 Mar, 21:07

May I give you a nudge? My roads are still wrong. :(

By the way: the next cake is on  me! :)

Keep on rockin' & thanks for your work!

Sun 7 Mar, 14:05

Could you give me an example of somewhere you’d like to route across? does understand sett now, but I might need to adjust the weighting!

Sat 13 Mar, 14:22

Curtiusstraße between Drakestraße and Baseler Straße is tagged sett, smoothness=bad, this part is really very_bad. After Baseler Straße (which is also 'bad sett') to Kadettenweg the Curtiusstraße is still bad. The Kadettenweg northern from Curiusstraße is tagged as "cubblestone" and is displayed dashed. After Kadettenweg the Curtiusstraße is fine.

I dont't know how the routing is working, I only paid attention to the appearance (dashed), because often I include it in my planning.

Fun fact: the really ugly part of Curtiusstraße is part of a bike route (STR - Steglitz-Route).