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Non-reversible route near Winchester

Monday 11 May
by 9carlton
in forum
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Here is a short part of my normal route to/from Winchester

Travelling North-South the route is fine and exactly matches the situation on the ground.  Now use the "reverse route" button.  The route takes you on a hilly 3mile detour! In the real world there is no impediment in either direction, so I assume there is some wrongly-applied "one direction" message in OSM.  It's really annoying because a lot of the many exercise rides we have ridden since lockdown go this way and I want to be able to choose freely which way round to plot.  I have no experience of editing OSM and don't wish to make this error even worse by untutored meddling!  Please help if you can.


Mon 11 May, 09:37

Yes – it was an OSM error! I’ve fixed it in OSM and it’ll show in next time we take an update. Until then, you can use the ‘Go direct’ option between via points to skip the offending section; it’s the connection between the cycleway (on the east side of the road) and the B3335, just south of the motorway, that was missing. If you look closely on the map you can see there’s a break in the route there.

Tue 12 May, 16:25

Thank you Richard, amazing service again.