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Monday 27 January
by Angstrom
in forum
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Hello again,

The user feedback link directs to a forum where one can write a post as I do just now.

I find that those forum posts don't really belong in my travelogue. I could link back to my travelogue from a Blog or a forum signature or whatever. It's not motivating to write true travelogue posts that I find could be valuable for the community aspect of this site (which I know you have prioritized rather low (understandably given the other things to do on their impact on the bigger CT picture).

Another small detail. I'm happy to read your very well-written route guides. I found out recently that you added some in France an NZ. Now that the list grows, could you add some kind of visual clue, in the menu list, as to where (which country) those routes are located? Flag, initials in brackets, ...)

Thank you for paying attention to user feedback and for your great app.


Mon 27 Jan, 16:24

Good thinking. I’ve just fixed the menu so it’s sorted by country first, then route name; and there’s a little flag at the start of each country.

Travelogues are on the list for a bit of attention later this year so all feedback useful!