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Splitting a route?

Friday 10 January
by FabFive
in forum
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In the Help info, under Advance Features, it says "You can delete all the via points before or after a certain point. This is useful if you’re splitting a long route into several sections. Click the point while pressing Control (Command on a Mac), then choose ‘Delete before’ or ‘Delete after’."

This sounds a great feature, but I've just tried it on a PC and I don't see the ‘Delete before’ or ‘Delete after’" options when I hold Control and click the mouse.


Fri 10 Jan, 12:27

You’ll need to add a via point first - then click the point with Control held down. Does that work? (If not, what browser are you using?)

Fri 10 Jan, 21:33

Hi. I'm using Firefox 72.0.1 (64-bit) on a Windows 10 PC. I was clicking on a via point, with Control held down, but no luck. I tried to send a screen shot with my first post, did it get through?

So I just tried it in Internet Explorer 11 on the PC, but that didn't work either.

However, using Chrome on my Android tablet, a long press does bring up ‘Delete before’!

Fri 10 Jan, 22:26


I've just found that RIGHT clicking on a via point does bring up ‘Delete before’ and ‘Delete after’, with or without holding down Control!

This works in Firefox and in Internet Explorer.

Sat 11 Jan, 17:57

Of course! Apologies, I should have remembered that... blame 28 years of using a one-button mouse for forgetting that other computers have two!

Sun 12 Jan, 17:28

Ah, I guess you are using an Apple machine? If so, I never knew their mice only had 1 button.

But now I can do what I wanted which is great when I'm doing multi-day tours. So thanks for the quick response and an amazing website.

Would it be worth re-wording the Help info for others?