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Renaming Folders


I know it is easy to rename journeys, but is there any way to rename folders? If not could this be a feature request please

Seeing an entire folder on a map

Is there a problem with this feature at the moment?
For example, I have a folder called Mollington containing 3 routes. Usually when I click on the Map icon for that folder I would see the list of routes at the left, and the map zoomed in to show the 3 routes at the right.
At the moment it is just showing the folder title on the left, and the map is zoomed out to the whole world.
This is happening on a PC using both Firefox (screenshot below) and Internet Explorer.

Links to the Forum

Hi, and thanks for a fantastic site and service.

I was recently trying to raise a query about exporting gps routes (still to come), but I found an issue with the links to the forum. I'm using the Firefox browser on Windows 10.

I clicked the 'Forums' button on the 'EXPLORE MORE' bar on the home page, it goes to That page only has a 'Post' button at the bottom. That link goes to, which shows your 'Missing No Reward' message.

But if I click 'Contact us' at the bottom of the home page, then click 'site forum', it goes to That page has a 'Post' button at the top and bottom, both of which work, and go to

I'll raise my real query about exporting gps routes later.

UPDATE - I've now realised that the reason I had a problem exporting a route to an app is that my route was Private. I'd found this before, but forgotten!

Would it be possible to add a note in the pop-up box? eg. "GPX track link (copy and paste into apps), make sure route is not Private".

Thanks again.

Splitting a route?

In the Help info, under Advance Features, it says "You can delete all the via points before or after a certain point. This is useful if you’re splitting a long route into several sections. Click the point while pressing Control (Command on a Mac), then choose ‘Delete before’ or ‘Delete after’."

This sounds a great feature, but I've just tried it on a PC and I don't see the ‘Delete before’ or ‘Delete after’" options when I hold Control and click the mouse.

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