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Splitting route for PDF?

25 Nov 2019
by 9carlton
in forum
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I have just plotted a 256 mile route along the Mercian Way (mostly NCN 45).  When I try to export as PDF it tells me the route is too long to export as a single PDF and asks me to split into chunks of less than 300km.  Is there a way to do this without losing all my route tweaks or will I have to start again and plot it in two sections? 

On a related topic, it would be nice to have more control over the scaling of PDF maps.  I often have to do lots of fiddling with print magnification to get a usable printed map.  Yes I know I ought to buy a Garmin, but I'm old-school and rather like paper maps ...


Thu 28 Nov 2019, 11:45

You can split a route at a via point: hold down control (or Command on a Mac) and click the route, then click ‘Delete before’ or ‘Delete after’. Save the new ‘half route’ under a different name. Then reload the original and do the same for the other half!

Getting the scale factors right for every possible journey is a bit of a black art but it’s something I’m looking at – I’m planning to add a “print on single sheet” option as a first step.

Mon 23 Dec 2019, 13:06

The "print on single sheet" option will be a fantastic addition to this great service. Thanks.