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Cycle.Travel and Lezyne Compatibility?

4 Jun 2019
by DavidM
in forum
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Has anyone tried using Cycle.Travel's maps and downloads with a Lezyne GPS such as the Super GPS or Mega XL?  How difficult is this (a lot of the reviews suggest the Lezyne interfaces are a bit awkward) and does it provide turn by turn navigation?  I quite like the look of the Lezynes, but can't find anything on the forum about how they work with Cycle.Travel.  Thanks in advance.  David.


Wed 5 Jun 2019, 12:52

In theory you should be able to download a GPX or a TCX file from and put it on your Lezyne via their ‘GPS Root’ website. TCXs provide turn-by-turn navigation. I haven’t tried it though!

Wed 5 Jun 2019, 22:34

Thanks Richard, that's what I think too, but I'd was wondering if anyone had actually tried it as apparently the GPS Root is a bit quirky.  I've got a friend whom I think has a Lezyne, so I might try the other way round (i.e. get him to try it with your website).  I really like the site, so I'm keen to find a system which is compatible.  David

Sun 30 Jun 2019, 19:20

Hello !

I've had a Super GPS since February and to be honest, I am not really satisfied with it.

The biggest problem I encounter is the BT connection to phone, not easy to get to work. Sometimes it takes twenty to thirty attempts to remain stable. I have to restart the phone or the device or the BT connection.....once it is OK, it remains OK during the full ride. I tried everything possible. I think this is firmware or app-related and needs to be worked on.

Now, pertaining TBT directions. If you create your route with the GPSRoot tool, it works correctly. BUT the tool is a joke, really. totally user-unfriendly. Routes are really difficult to modify if they are long routes. Problem : when using other tools, directions are completely screwed because GPSRoot uses the <Name> tags in the TCX file and not the <Notes>. Depending on the tool you use to create your route, the <Name> tags are in a shape that doesn't mean anything (from RWGPS you get the beginning of the directions, for example and from you get a short version of the street name, but unreadable).

For the moment, the best option I've found is to open the TCX in a notepad and replace all the <PointType> tags with "Display" instead of for example "Right", "Left"...... This way, GPSRoot reads the <Notes> tags instead of the <Name> tags with full description of directions. I don't have the arrows for direction but I can read the full directions and it works really good this way, especially on roundabouts. you get the distance remaining until the next display point so it is easy to follow.

The problem is when you have 200 <coursepoint> tags, it takes a lot of time to replace <PointType> tags. But it works good.

So, if the GPSRoot only read the <Notes> tags it would be better, actually.

Just to finish, the auto rerouting hasn't been successful so far, so when I miss a turn, I just U-turn and go back to the missed turn.

I contacted them at Lezyne and explained all this. I hope they will do something about it.

Hope this helps.