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downloaded gpx - "may be dangerous"

4 May 2019
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I have tried to download a route for my GPS as a tcx file and it downloads OK.  However when I try to download it as a gpx file it states  "......route name gpx is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous"  - then gives a 'discard' option?   Why is this?


Tue 7 May 2019, 14:54

Are you using Chrome or something based upon it? There's some unpleasant interaction between recent changes here and at Google - a bit more is explained at

Sat 11 May 2019, 12:10

As mjr says this does seem to be happening occasionally, but I’ve been trying to reproduce the issue and haven’t yet managed. Could you give a few more details – is this on a particular type of phone/computer (e.g. Android)? Does it happen with all routes or just a particular one?

Wed 5 Jun 2019, 18:53

I raised this with Google and they’ve now determined that the downloads are ok. Not sure why they got sniffy about them in the first place but hopefully the warnings will disappear now.

Sat 15 Jun 2019, 19:41

Yes it all seems to be working fine now....many thanks