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4 Aug 2017
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I have recently completed 2 months in the UK and would like to link the routes we used into a single overall map. Is this a possibility without going back and individually doing each day.


Fri 4 Aug 2017, 12:34

Not at present but I could have a look at doing it. Do you basically just want to have all the routes shown on-screen at once?

Sat 5 Aug 2017, 01:09

Yes. I have been asked by some tandem riders about our trip and they have asked to see our journey.

Sat 5 Aug 2017, 19:37

Ok - I’ve just added a feature for this.

First of all, from the Folders box on the right of your journeys page, click ‘Add’ and create a new folder.

Move your routes into that folder (up to 25 in one folder) by using the folder icon by each journey.

Then, if you refresh the page, you’ll see a little ‘Map’ link by that folder. Clicking that will show you all the routes in that folder together. From there, you can click through to individual routes.