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Our newest route guide: the Morecambe Bay Cycle Way

16 Jun 2015 Sustrans Morecambe Lancaster Barrow-in-Furness Bay Cycle Way
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The newly opened Bay Cycle Way, an 80-mile tour around Morecambe Bay, opened this weekend – and we’re pleased to celebrate with the latest addition to our detailed UK route guides.

The brand new route follows quiet roads and cycle tracks along the coast, ducking and diving into market towns and quiet villages. Route 700 of the National Cycle Network, it opened on 13th June with a four-day celebration ride.

With few steep hills and much to see along the way, Sustrans says it is “a brilliant challenge for people new to long distance rides” – a ‘slow travel’ route rather than a lung-buster. According to local manager Nikki Wingfield:

“Morecambe Bay has its very own distinctive character, with incredible views, world class historic sites and artefacts, traditional food and rare wildlife. We have planned lots of opportunities to stop – there’s a loo, a brew and a view every 10 miles!”

Our new Bay Cycle Way route guide includes a full downloadable map, accommodation and bike shop listings, plus a guide to what you’ll see along the way. Head over to the Routes pages to get started, browse the gallery, and download the routebook.

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