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Klausen-StMagdalena by Anders
Naturns-Chiusa by Anders
Schwarze Laaber lang by Gottfried Mardascew
To John's by Stephen Chester
Ash grove to pittsburg by Daniel Gelpi
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Vechtroute by jerrel boyd
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Ecluse de Castanet by RodolfoAP

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Let user add POIs

One missing but useful feature that forces me to still rely on (yuck) Google Engine Lite: Adding POIs to a map.

Remember default location

By default, opens the map on England: I have no idea how many of us are located on the continent, but it'd be great if could allow users to set a default location to avoid having to zoom out and point it elsewhere every time when creating a new route.

In the "Your saved routes", add Delete buttons

In the "Your saved routes" list on the left, I suggest adding a small Delete button after each route as a quick way to remove routes.

Even better: Make it possible to select multiple routes and delete them all in one go.

Escape key as keyboard shortcut for "Close route"

I suggest adding support for the Escape key as a keyboard shorcut for the "Close route" feature.

Make it possible to reverse From/To addresses

I suggest making it possible to easily switch From and To addresses, so the user doesn't have to retype or copy/paste manually.

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