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Woolston Eyes Round Trip by Alison Walker
Woolston Eyes by Alison Walker
Monyash Carsington by Adrian Look
Thornhill to Low Kirkbride Farm by John A Stevenson
River Lee by Claire Wilson
semley loop by Richard Spencer
River Lee by Claire Wilson
Joss Bay to Foads Lane by Scuba girl
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Allow POIs

A suggestion: Make it possible to add Points of interest in addition to drawing a route. It's pretty useful when preparing a trip.

Currently, I have to use along with Umap, and download both files into my smartphone.


Let user create shortcuts to addresses

To avoid typing the full address every time, I suggest letting users create shortcuts to frequently-used addresses, eg. Home, Work, etc.

Includer ruler

It's often convenient to be able to draw a straight line between two points to have a rough idea of the distance between them.

Umap and Google Maps provide a ruler, and it'd be useful if also had one.

Show scale in miles/kilometers

In the Map section, the scale in the upper right-hand corner is in miles.

I suggest displaying it in miles and kilometers.

Display bike shops in online map, and include them in GPX


I have a suggestion: Display bike shops on the online map, and make it an option to include them in the GPX.

It can be useful to know a bike shop is close by when having a problem on a trip.


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