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Cassiobury to Bushey rose garden by Talia Ross
camprieu-Millau by Ramon Anglada
Near New pitsligo to Insch by Janet Hood
CHEVRON NEW by Michel Delgoff
loire+cher à vélo by bodin666
Gardetta by Gian
ross onwards by Ian Wray
Yechar-prueba by Mariano Vicente de Haro
les vignes-camprieu by Ramon Anglada
saint come-les vignes by Ramon Anglada

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Gisors à Vernon par voie verte

Voie Verte de la Vallée de l'Epte

Add KML; Use descriptive filename


Now that Google has effectively killed its great Google Maps Classic, I migrated to to draw routes. I might not be the only cyclist to have done so, and have a couple of suggestions:

1. When saving a route as GPX, provide a customized filename instead of cycle_travel.gpx, eg. "" 

2. Add KML as an option. The application I use on my Android smartphone only supports KML, so I need to first convert the GPX to KML using eg. GPSVisualizer.


Montpellier to Grenoble

Via Marseille, Menton, Genova and Turino.

Passer rue (du Fbg) Saint-J en double-sens cycliste

De plus en plus de cyclistes prennent (illégalement et dangereusement) la rue du Faubourg Saint-Jacques en contre-sens, à partir du Bd Arago vers la Seine.

Actuellement, la rue possède déjà une bande cyclable dans le sens Seine - Porte d'Orléans : je propose d'élargir la bande cyclable et de la transformer en piste cyclable en double-sens protégée, de ce genre-là :

Home, Rambouillet, Maintenon, Dreux, Mantes la Ville

The Château de Maintenon is worth the trip, along with the Château de Rambouillet

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