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speke road ncn 62 crossing: wrong?

1 Jan 2017
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Your map seems to not to be able to route via the official ncn62 routing across speke boulevard in liverpool?

Open streetmap seems to show it OK.

I have included it in the route warrington-birkenhead1


A Bradley


Mon 2 Jan 2017, 11:56

Interesting one! Looking at the OSM data, it was mapped as “one way road [i.e. the eastbound half of the dual carriageway] with a cycle track”, but there was no indication that the cycle track could be used against the one-way flow.

I’ve now corrected the data on OSM: it’ll be reflected in the routing when I next update it in a few weeks’ time. Thanks for spotting.

Mon 2 Jan 2017, 20:59

Thanks. I think this kind of mismatch is quite common on Sustrans routes: I wonder why OpenStreetmap itself displays the ncn OK.

NB Is it hard to have an option to route from start to dest using NCN routes x,y,z? 


A Bradley