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OSM error: in and out lanes counted separately.


In the following journey, an OSM error has caused the route's turn number 9 to save take 3rd exit at roundabout rather than 2nd (i.e straight across) because OSM has counted the in and out lanes as separate!!

I managed to decipher this at the time after some head scratching and a 'it has to be straight across' :)


A Bradley

Thanks for the maps :)

Chapel lane

I decided I didn't fancy the ncn62/6 through manchester and discovered a country route south of same distance...

but OSM seems to have an erroneous (according to google) break in Chapel lane.

NB have you cycled the northernly off road bit before woodhead tunnel exit south of A628? Would it be OK for camping load on 1.75 slicks? The A628 looks unpleasant: surely the M67 should have been closed once the Motorway along a628 route was abandoned......

Thanks for the map tools.


A Bradley

Make turn by turn Enter/leave town lines/boxes optional?

I have been using your 'text turn by turn with road names'  print out feature:

very good* apart from I find the 'enter/leave placename' feature adds clutter/confusion especially where a route weaves in and out of a town boundary. Perhaps an option to turn off and print only road names (leaving any placenames to be added by hand?

Interestingly I found using paper AA/philips A to Z streetmaps that they would sometimes show some junctions as crossroads (despite being big enough scale to show correct staggeredness) so seeming to differ from your turn text until I zoomed in on the PC and discovered the staggered-ness.

Thanks for the tools.


Alan Bradley

*When writing turn by turn by hand I generally mark style/secondary road-names  of junctions past on the 'main' road to allow reassurance to myself.

Enter the title

ncn62 goes as ross lave lane goes over the motorway as in OSM website map but not in

I wonder why when its the same data?

Its also shown on my old 2002  manchester a-z (with ncn62/6 in felt tip :) now ). Google earth shows a road bridge at the expected point over the m60.


A Bradley

Sustrans cycle way directionality: Override incorrect-ness button/click?

Hello (again)

[Micheal Caine voice] I've just had an idea [\Micheal Caine voice]

Given it seems common for OSM data to fail to mark Sustrans routes as bidirectional when differs from adjacent road, could you add a mouse-click option to 'override incorrect Sustrans way-ness to 2-way cycle path' which could then flag the problem to you are direct to OSM automatically...

Regards and thanks for the route-app.

A Bradley

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