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King's Lynn - Fakenham Route Sheet

19 Nov 2018
by mjray
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A 49 mile ride to Fakenham from King's Lynn and back. Mix of flat and gently-rolling. 10% cycleway. 500m on A roads, 3½ miles on B roads. Ride rating: ★★. This route has been used by a local cycling group multiple times, but please check you're happy with the route before setting off.

(Note: in this, following signs "to" a place should mean you actually go there, whereas "towards" a place means you will change direction before it. Not every signposted turn is mentioned, especially when on marked routes like the National Cycle Routes or A/B roads.)

Follow Route 1 from King's Lynn to Sandringham Visitor Centre, then turn right onto the B1440 and ignore Route 1 turning left to the Sawmill. Instead take the next left to Anmer and then continue forwards, straight over crossroads with B1153, then left-right to Houghton, straight over crossroads with Houghton Hall Road and to West Rudham. At end turn left onto busy A148 and use lay-by on left to turn right towards Pockthorpe. Take next left into School Road, not rejoining A148 but turning right to continue along School Road, then at end turn right, then next left to Broomsthorpe. Continue forwards towards Helhoughton, then left towards Tatterford, then left twice towards Dunton. Take an unsignposted right turn downhill, then right again to cross the river to Shereford. At the end of the road, turn left to Fakenham, continuing straight over a small crossroads and a staggered crossroads with busy A1065, then left into Fakenham.

If you wish to continue to Norwich, continue straight on instead and follow the red Route 1 signs to Great Ryburgh, then after a sharp right, turn left between pub and church into Bridge Street. Continue straight on across A road then turn first right and continue straight across B road to follow road to Wood Norton to Guestwick with a right at end then left at end to rejoin Route 1 to Reepham. In Reepham, either follow Route 1 all the way to Norwich (sandy in places) or turn left at end of Ollands Road to Norwich Road and follow that to a staggered crossroads after woods with Norwich signed as a right turn. Turn right and just after Taverham sign, turn left onto Route 1 to cross a busy A road on a bridge. At junction with the next busy A road, turn left onto it, then immediately after complex traffic light junction turn right opposite Cock Inn into Low Road. Follow that to turn left onto Route 1 before bridge and follow Route 1 into Norwich (52 miles from Lynn, route map/downloads here).

To return from Fakenham, we will broadly follow the former railway route, which results in short climbs followed by gradual descents in this direction. Leave Fakenham centre following signs for Dereham B1146 over the river bridge, then turn right at crossroads signposted King's Lynn (A1065), continue straight over staggered crossroads to Shereford, then follow signs to Helhoughton, continue straight on out of the village, past a left turn to Weasenham and take a right turn to East Rudham. After the former station, take an unsigned left turn towards The Grange. Continue straight on through three crossroads, then turn left at staggered crossroads towards Great Massingham. Turn right at top of hill into Church Lane. At end, turn right to Grimston. At staggered crossroads, turn left towards Gayton then right to Pott Row and at end, turn left. Then at end, turn right onto B1145 to King's Lynn - take care over blind brows, riding central in the narrow lane where there are double white lines. Continue over roundabout with busy A149, then fork left onto cycleway and follow signs to station and town centre.