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King's Cross to King's Lynn

19 Nov 2018
by mjray
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A 111 mile ride from King's Cross to King's Lynn. Mix of flat and gently-rolling. 29% cycleway. 0.9mi on A roads, lots on B roads. Ride rating: ★★★★★. Much of this route has been used by a local cycling group, but please check you're happy with the route before setting off.

(Note: in this, following signs "to" a place should mean you actually go there, whereas "towards" a place means you will change direction before it. Not every signposted turn is mentioned, especially when on marked routes like the National Cycle Routes or A/B roads.)

Take CS6 southbound but turn off left at Calthorpe Street crossroads and continue straight over Farringdon Road to take Q2 northbound. In Islington, turn left at a crossroads bollarded in all directions onto CS1 to Seven Sisters. When CS1 joins the A10, do not continue along it — instead, use the Toucan crossing to the left to continue over into Crowland Road and on across Markfield Recreation Ground, then turn left onto National 1 beside the River Lea Navigation. Follow the water straight ahead, crossing to the right over Stonehouse Lock, then when you pass under the north circular dual carriageway and then join a road to cross left over the water, then when National 1 turns right to cross Pickett's Lock, follow the road (Picketts Lock Lane) left instead and turn right at end into Lea Valley Athletics Centre, then onto the cycleway on the nearside of Meridian Way.

(Former route: Follow CS1 to the college buildings at Tottenham Green, follow signs for "Tottenham Hale" to turn right on Tynemouth Rd and at the one way signs, turn left into Copperfield Drive, follow road through emergency route onto Stainby Road. Cross the A road, then turn right onto cycleway and second left into Ashley Road, then right-left onto cycleway leading to one alongside the A1055, following signs towards Picketts Lock then Waltham Abbey.)

At Bilton Way fork (signposted Ordnance Road ½ and Enfield Lock station), continue straight on then turn right signposted Enfield Greenways and Lea Valley Park onto Route 12. At end turn left onto Route 1. Follow Route 1 taking care to go left over bridges at end of Meridian Way. After Meadgate Road rejoins the River Lea Navigation towpath, leave Route 1 by going straight on crossing over Dobbs Weir and continuing straight on to eventually join Route 61 to Ware at Ratty's Lane.

After Ware centre and school on left, leave Route 61 by turning right over weight-restricted level concrete bridges past a lock, then turn left and follow Harris's Lane. Straight over one crossroads, then turn left at crossroads onto B1001 and turn right at mini-roundabout into Wulfrath Way. Turn left on bend opposite Poles Lane onto bridleway Poles Lane under the bypass, continuing onto tarmac road. At end, turn right onto Cambridge Road to Puckeridge, following cycle signs to Cambridge.

After Puckeridge, turn right onto B1348. At end after 20 miles, cross over A10 and turn right onto cycleway. After crossing river, turn left onto cycle route across open countryside and past new housing. At end, turn left, then turn left into the park and ride and follow the cycleway alongside the busway under Trumpington Road to Cambridge Station.

Continue straight ahead across station square, through the car park, then out under the bridge and turn right onto Devonshire Road. Go straight over Mill Road, then right through the cycle-only slalom and left into Sturton Street. At the end, turn left then U-turn right into the subway, straight through the roundabout and then take the left fork down to turn right onto Riverside. Take the bridge over the river and follow Route 51 to Milton Road, then take the underpass under the busway and continue straight on following "(11)" over the A14 to Milton.

In Milton, turn left to stay on the High Street and take the cycleway by the right-hand bus stop to go straight over the A10 to Landbeach. Rejoin the carriageway at the 30mph sign, keep straight on through the village, turn left to Cottenham, then turn right onto unsuitable-for-HGV Rooks Street and turn right at end onto B1049 to Wilburton. At end turn right then turn left into Station Road, to Witchford.

In Witchford, turn right and take cycleway to Ely. In Ely, turn left at end onto Cambridge Road and left at end onto Lynn Road. In Littleport, follow signs towards Littleport station and continue past. At staggered crossroads with A10, continue on right-left to Black Horse Drove. Continue straight on to Route 11 to Denver.

In Denver, leave Route 11 by continuing straight on when it turns right, then at end, turn left-right across staggered crossroads onto B1507 to Downham Market and continue straight on until Route 11 rejoins you for the second time after the church on the hill. Follow Route 11 to Route 1 to King's Lynn. Congratulations.