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Beautiful route but not for beginners!

17 Sep 2020
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This route really was one of the loveliest routes, but not what I would call 'easy to moderate' except for the final stages from Carnforth to Glasson Docks (which was 'very easy'). The rest of the route was 'moderate to hard' and would be very difficult for a beginner. Lots of short sharp hills and some long ones. Never-the-less this is a very worthwhile journey for people with some cycle experience.


Fri 14 May 2021, 09:06

We enjoyed this route very much and would highly recommend as first route, but the big hill outside Cartmel seemed out of character, possibly cycling towards Flookborough and turning left would be a better option, though maybe the roads are busier, same with the ride around the back of Ulverston, but we managed that and really should do some hills.