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Belgium-Germany-Luxembourg day 7 (2 June 2024)

Friday 14 June
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Last day, and fortunately the rain had finally faded. Away from Mons to the artificial lake Le Grand Large and then along the Nimy-Blaton-Péronnes canal – flat but into the wind – then alongside the river Escaut (later known as the Schelde, which eventually reaches Antwerp) and into Tournai. A brief sight of the five towers of Tournai cathedral from Place Paul-Émile Janson (named after the Belgian prime minster, who died in Buchenwald in 1944), then out of the city past the Pont des Trous (Bridge of Holes). Continued along the bank of the Escaut/Schelde, crossing the Wallonia/Flanders boundary repeatedly in various places, where it rather strangely wanders from side to side of the river, then along the Bossuit-Kortrijk canal and permanently into Flanders. Finally, to Kortrijk railway station to get the train back to De Panne via Lichtervelde (again only €8,30 plus €4,00 bike supplement). Rode along the coast to Dunkerque ferry port, maddeningly with blue sky and sunshine for the first time since leaving UK shores. While waiting for the ferry, I chatted to a lady from Denmark who was 30 days into the North Sea cycle route, having already ridden through Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France, and who hoped to complete the circuit in 100 days, including a connecting flight from Shetland to Norway - absolute respect.  Distance to Kortrijk 93 km, elevation 209 m ( estimate 105 m).


Mon 8 Jul, 21:29

Another great set of write ups Christopher, thanks for the effort you put into these.  Lots of advice, local knowledge and inspiration for others.