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Day Eight - Pontivy

10 Aug 2021
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I arrived in Pontivy today. The biggest town for many miles but dead as a door-nail in the evening though. However I did see a beaver in the local canal as I crossed from the campsite to the town center so that makes up for it.

I have been on the Brest-Nantes canal the entire day and will be for the next twto days. I think I saw two cars the whole way.

I made a proper lunch for the first time of spaghetti with pesto. It didn't take too long and is very inexpensive. I am also upto the fourth hour of French lessons I am following and really picking it up now.

I know I have been complaining about the repeated rain but I would like to ask - how long should I leave it until I can reasonably complain about the hot weather?


Fri 15 Oct 2021, 18:40

I went to Pontivy in September doing the vélodysée and it was unbelievably dead! The canal was ace though, did you see lots of kingfishers?