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NCN 68 north of Haltwhistle

27 Jul 2017
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Hi Richard

I'm trying to plot a route along a section of NCN 68, from Haltwhistle to Bellingham, but won't let me! It appears to think there's a gap in the track just north of where the surfaced road ends (north of 'Robin Rock Drift'); any attempt to route north of there results in a huge diversion through Simonburn.

Do you know if there's any reason for this? It's plotted OK on your Pennine Cycleway guide.




Fri 28 Jul 2017, 10:32

Looks like a foul-up in the OSM data - I'm guessing someone's added a stile without the adjacent gate, perhaps. I'll have a go at fixing it before the next c.t map update. Thanks for spotting!