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Cycling in Andalusia

Monday 20 May
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Between April 12 and May 6 we cycled around Andalusia Spain. The original route is designed by Paul Benjaminse ( We made some small changes. It is a very nice route to get to know the very beautifull cities and villages of Andalusia. April and May is a good time of the year to cycle this route. Normally it is not too hot with nice sunny days. There are only a limited amount of campingsites on this route and these are full with people traveling by campervans. But hotels and hostals are relatively cheap during this time of year. The total route is about 1000 km and 11700 elevation meters. 

I have made the stages public so you can find these on this website. Cazorla-Jodar-Jaen-Zuheros-Cordoba-Loro del Rio- Sevilla-Coripe-El Burgo- Antequera-Alhama de Granada-Granada-Ronda-Benalua-Huesa-Cazorla.