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A & Js excellent adventure: day four

31 Aug 2022
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Day four of touring. Fairlight to Horam.

Firehills Country Park has some stiles / kissing gates. Someone doesn't like bikes here, but if you can lump a heavy touring bike over a few 4'6" high gates/fences they'll leave you alone. Some of the terrain here is walking-only anyway but the scenery is gorgeous. Much much nicer than the busy/fast Fairlight Road, even if most of the drivers (i.e. those not in BMWs) are OK.

From Normans Bay take the coast road to Pevensey. It's much nicer and safer than the signposted NCN2 route here.

Short detour in to Eastbourne Town Centre. Not a very cycle friendly town, cycling is banned on most of the Front so you have to go on the (very busy but fairly slow moving) main road. If "God's Waiting Room" in Bexhill can manage it, why not Eastbourne? Sort it out, people.